Self Directed Support/Direct Payments

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Anyone who meets the criteria to be eligible for a personal care package through the Local Authority is entitled to apply for Direct Payments.


There are 5 easy to follow steps to allow you to apply and make your personal care package work for you.


Step 1 - Phone your local Social Services Department and tell them that you would like to move to "Direct Payments". They will arrange to visit you and ask you to complete a self rating questionnaire.Once you have completed the form it will tell you how much you may be entitled to. This amount could change.


Step 2 - Make and agree your plan.

This plan will tell your Social Worker how you intend to spend the money and how it can improve/maintain your independence. and quality of life.

You can complete this plan yourself or ask a family member or friend to assist you. You can also ask your Social Worker to assist you or we can provide you with assistance.


When you make your plan you should look at:

Your quality of life now and how it can be improved.
Your aspirations, what you want to do, what you want to achieve.
What support you will need to fulfil your aspirations.
How you will fulfil your aspirations with the right support.


Step 3 - Money - Once you have agreed your plan, and you are happy that it will work for you, you then need to decide who is going to manage your budget and pay your care bills. You have several options to decide from:

You can self manage.
A trusted friend or relative.
A Broker - this is a company you pay to manage your budget on your behalf.  (We can provide this service for you.)
Social Services can also assist you with this -  ask your Social Worker for more information.


Step 4 - Organising your support


There are two parts to organising your support :

Deciding the kind of support that you want and deciding who you want to provide the support to you. ARC offer a full personalised package of care.
Arranging and managing the support - 

If you decide you want to get all your support from a specialist

support provider, like ARC that takes care of both things. The support provider will arrange your support and provide it to you but you can still tell the provider what kind of person you want to support you and exactly what you want them to do. 

You are still in charge.

On the other hand, if you want to organise your support yourself – say employ your own personal assistants – we provide a service that will assist you with interview, contract of employment and training etc.


Step 5 - Review 


You have to prove to your Local Authority that you have spent the money that you have been allocated properly and that you have used it to enhance your life. This is also a time to reflect on how things are working for you and to make any changes identified.

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